Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide: FitKit DORM Review!

Hey everyone! So my next review is for FitKit! FitKit is a great product that has the basic exercise essentials all in one awesome pouch. Great for traveling, being bored at the office, or working out at a dorm that doesn't have a fit room. Being a college student and all, I received their FitKitDORM.

The kit includes items you can use for strength training and cardio training.

For cardio training, mainly for running, the kit has a pedometer which is great for either walking running or anything, just to see how far you go basically. A great feature of this pedometer is that it includes a safety alarm. The pedometer has a string and when you pull it out the alarm sounds, which is great because running at night you know, could be dangerous. It also has a reflective arm band, again great for running at night. Also to complete the cardio workout, the essential cardio piece, a jump rope.

For strength training the kit includes a resistance tube with handles and a flat resistance band, a great workout for these is using the stability attachment, slipping it into the center of the tube, sticking it on the top, bottom, or side of a closed door and do some arm reps. You can change the angle to target a different area of muscles.

Lastly, the kit also comes with an ID tag which you can put on your shoe, gym bag, backpack whatever. So you can have a worry-free workout. Be sure to fill it out with all your info in case of an emergency.

I think this product is so cool! It is super handy. I love that it has the essentials. All you need are some weights and then you will totally have the perfect workout system. I just went to Florida this passed week and unfortunately the hotel didn't have a fitness room so I brought along this FitKit and it worked great! A simple and easy workout to work your main muscles in your arms, as well as doing some squats, and going for a run, definitely helped me shed some of the pounds thanks to the crazy awesome deliciousness at Universal, specifically the Wizarding World (the main reason why I went, the food/drinks were great there! Cauldron Cakes! Pumpkin Juice! Butterbeer! Oh my!) It is also great because sometimes you're busy with classes and just going going going, there's no time for the gym, so you can do a quick workout with one of the items in the FitKit.

What is even greater about FitKit is that it not only includes this little kit but also an exercise guide, depending on what kit you received. I received the DORM one so it gave me some tips and exercise routines catered to a college student. Some Nutrition tips includied that I stock my dorm fridge with healthy snacks for late night cravings and to include at least one serving of veggies at lunch and dinner. It also told me the 10 best low calorie snacks which included any whole fruit, 2 cups of fat-free popcorn, and a single stick of string cheese.

Another addition to this is the FitKitCLUB! The club is a fantastic program that helps you lose weight or just lead a healthier life by working out. It has a 6-week program that includes nutrition and exercise tips as well as recipes and more workouts. It also allows you to ask questions to certified nutrition, fitness, and wellness coaches to help you out.

Overall, the system is fantastic. I really love it and it's a great way to work out without paying for a gym. I also love that it's really thorough and really helps you try to get healthy because it has everything, from workouts to even asking professionals for tips. It's awesome. It's great for everyone too, whether you're a college student, a traveler, heck even a golfer, there's a FitKit for you. This is a great gift for your active friend or your friend that wants to get active!

Buy It! Head on over to FitKit's website and see which FitKit is best for you! Also definitely make sure to join the FitKit Club too, it's definitely worth it! Use the special coupon code starimpulse and you can get 20% off your order!

I was provided a product in exchange for my review.
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