Friday, March 25, 2011

Volunteer Appreciation Week by Carolina Pad and VolunteerSpot.org

Hey everyone! So a great company, Carolina Pad has teamed up with VolunteerSpot.com to make National Volunteer Week special for those people who do the dirty work and don’t get the recognition they deserve.

In honor of Volunteer Appreciation Week, I'd like to talk about a volunteer in my life who I think doesn't get enough credit. That's one of my best friends, Gladys.

Gladys and I, a few months back.

Since I can remember Gladys has put a huge effort towards volunteering, specifically, with teaching underprivileged children art. Art is such an important subject for kids to learn, many teachers throw it off as being something silly or whatever, but art allows people, especially young children to create and voice their opinions through pictures and drawings and sculptures and so much more. Children have tough time as it is gaining their own voice that is why art is such an important way to enable them to express themselves. And with art, comes the need for great teachers, Gladys, who is currently going to school for teaching, is one of those teachers.

For the past few years, Gladys has participated in ASTEP - Artists Striving to End Poverty. ASTEP uses the arts as a tool to empower young people with creativity, knowledge, and a strong sense of self-esteem, factors which help them advance their lives and communities. She volunteered with them in their Florida camp for two weeks the past two summers. She has also volunteered in New York City with the International Rescue Committee and continues to do so. I'm pretty sure even once she gets the teaching degree and a full-time job, she will manage to squeeze in some volunteer time.

There aren't many people out there like Gladys, many people are greedy, they would much rather get some money then help children. I'm not going to lie, I'm guilty of that sometimes. People that don't even have that much money themselves, not the Angelina Jolies or the George Clooneys, but normal people that use all their energy and effort to helping people and our world definitely need a lot of recognition. Volunteering is important and we really shouldn't forget about it.

Enter to Win!

Do you know a special volunteer who deserves some recognition? If so, we want to hear about this special volunteer. Carolina Pad and VolunteerSpot.com actually holding a contest where you can enter to win a Carolina Pad gift certificate for themselves and their volunteer and up to 20 notebooks for their organization. All participants have to do is tell them why their special volunteer is the best and deserves to win!

Hurry, contest ends April 1st! They will announce one winner a day the week of April 11-15. Thanks and good luck!


  1. Wow, what a talented person and how special she is for sharing her gifts. Art is so important, and it can really take you away and inspire you. Thank you so much for sharing her story! I hope she knows how respected and appreciated she is, even though I'm sure she'd never look for recognition herself!

  2. Gladys seems like a great person. Thank you for sharing this information!

  3. Art is such an important outlet for kids. Thanks for telling us about Gladys. (New follower too)

  4. Thank you for swinging by 2 Against 1 - Twins, following back now.