Sunday, June 5, 2011

Revabs Update Number 2.

Hey everyone! So to be honest, no new news for RevAbs. I've been doing terribly this week eating wise. I tried being going especially because I'm going to Mexico tomorrow but we had so many chocolate cookies and cake that had to be eaten. My sweet tooth is the death of me, seriously. If I didn't like sweets I would be the healthiest person on the planet. I've done a few recipes from the RevAbs book though and I absolutely love the Mexican Scramble. It's egg whites, avocado, and salsa. And it is deeelicious!

Revabs did send me their Deluxe Upgrade Kit which included 2 additional DVDs and resistance bands. The DVDs that were included are Full Throttle Abs and Full Throttle Intervals.

Even though I'm slumping in the healthy eating department I am rocking it at the DVDs. I don't do it everyday because I go to the gym as well, but it's nice to have these as a great alternative to the gym. I do at least 3 work outs a week. I'm trying to follow the calendar for the most part but I had to try the full throttle DVDs and they're pretty awesome. I tried the ab work out and they were so sore the day after. A good sore though.

I haven't lost much weight but I can feel myself getting stronger. Also I'm not in it to lose weight, just to tone up and tighten. I still recommend this workout, it is awesome. DVD workouts usually suck but this one is so awesome.

Sorry for the short update but I wanted to make a quick one before Mexico. I'll have a better update in 2 weeks! Stay healthy!

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