Friday, October 14, 2011

Check out DMVCheatSheets.com!

Hey guys! I just want to let you know about this really cool website called DMV Cheat Sheets. Taking DMV tests can be pretty intimidating. The booklets are super huge and more than half of that stuff isn't even on the test. Also a lot of times remembering everything can be really difficult. Taking classes cost a lot of money and lot of times go over all the unnecessary information That's where DMV Cheat Sheets come in.

For only like $10 you can buy a cheat sheet to practice from. Or $14.95 you can take a practice test. OR, if you need both, get the bundle for $20. They have both cheat sheets for learner's permits or for the actual DMV and they're for every state in the United States.

Thank god for the internet right? It's getting easier and easier to take tests, even driver's tests! It's like the spark notes for driving!

Why isn't it free like Spark Notes? Books are easy to cheat but driver's tests are more difficult and you get what you pay for here. Every month, their editors are working to add and improve the questions and material they offer, as well as keeping it updated. It takes significant time and money to ensure you get the very best study material available so that you are guaranteed to pass on the first try.

Definitely check it out!

Buy It! Head on over to DMV Cheat Sheet's website and look up your state!

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