Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tasc Performance Fitness Apparel Review!

Hey everyone! My next review is for Tasc Performance! Tasc Performance is a great company that sells a variety of men and women's fitness apparel from pants to shirts, they have something great and comfortable for everyone! They're also pretty awesome too because the products are made from Bamboo which is super cool!

The outfit I received is:
Trainer V-Neck Tee in Wintermint
Core Training Pant in Black

These are really awesome. Typically I'm hesitant with picking out fitness apparel online because sometimes they're tighter than they look, but both of these are perfect.

Let's start with the shirt, I absolutely love the color, it is so different and pretty. I can even wear it to work and then go to the gym after. The black mesh on the sides provides ventilation. It also has anti-odor, light weight, breathable, 4-way stretch, and has UPF 50+ which is awesome for hiking and running outdoors. One negative is that I sweat a lot and I noticed the color of the shirt stuck to my under arms, but I'm sure after I wash it it won't happen again but just because it's new. I also like that it wasn't super tight like some fitness shirts where I do look pregnant in, this one is super comfy and just great.

The pants are awesome. They're like leggings and sweatpants rolled into one because the top part they're tight like leggings but they kind of bell out at the bottom. They're also anti-odor, light weight, breathable, 4-way stretch, and has UPF 50+. They're great for working out but are also super comfortable for just chill out wear. I like how they're tight enough to make sure your pants don't fall down but also lose enough so it's not uncomfortable. These are definitely my new favorite pants.

Overall, both of these definitely make up an awesome workout outfit but they're also great solo. I can totally rock that t-shirt with jeans when I'm just in the mood for jeans and tee, and the pants I can wear when I feel like being comfy and lounging around. Definitely check out Tasc, they have a great collection for men and women and they're really reasonably priced. Sometimes fitness gear can cost a buttload but these aren't too bad.

Buy It! Head on over to Tasc Performance's website and browse their awesome selection.


  1. We love TASC. Syle, performance, and sustainability, can't beat that!

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