Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Miss Oops Boob Tube Review!

Hey everyone! My next review is for Miss Oops and their awesome Boob Tube. Boob Tube is a lot cooler than it sounds, it's for those low cut tops, you just cover it up with this awesome boob tube!

I received the beige colored one.

I really like these, I have another one in black that I got a while ago. They're great for low cut tops but also for backless shirts or see-through or those lacey tops that you can see through. You can just wear this. It's also super comfortable, not too tight or anything but still keeps the girls in too, if you know what I'm saying.

Miss Oops has a huge variety of Boob Tubes too from lace ones to seasonal colors. And they're only $19! A lot of bandeaus are pretty expensive or the cheap ones, like the black one I have I think I bought it from Wet Seal or Mandee is just so tight and the elastic leaves a funky mark on your chest. These Boob Tubes are definitely not like that. They're like a strapless bra but a little prettier!

You can even change your outfit with just a boob tube. Put one one for work and take it off when you're ready to hit up the clubs! Super convenient and saves a lot of time to change everything!

Definitely check out Miss Oops even if you're not looking for a Boob Tube. They have a huge selection of useful products for ladies. From Rescue Sponges that wipe off the deodorant marks on your clothes to Pedicure in a Bottle which really fixes up your feet. There's definitely something for any girl, Miss Oops is just a great website for super handy items, it's great!

Buy It! Head on over to Miss Oops' website and browse their awesome selection! You won't be disappointed!

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