Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Marika Fitness Tee Review!

Hey everyone! My next review is for Marika. You may remember I did a review for them before and you can check it out here. Marika is a great fitness apparel website with a variety of shirts and pants for working out.

I was sent their Venus Crew Neck Dry Wik Short Sleeve shirt.

First of all, I love the color, it is such a pretty purple that you hardly ever see around. Second of all, it is a great basic shirt even for not working out. Whether you are lounging around the house or feel like wearing a regular old tee this is wonderful for that purpose.

Fitness-wise it is fantastic for, too. It is made from a breathable, super soft, high tech wicking fabric and finish for the ultimate cool and dry comfort. The Dry Wik technology wicks away moisture, making an enjoyable workout.

The day I received this shirt I put it right on and went to the gym. I went to Pilates so it wasn't that much of a sweat workout but it sure felt comfortable on. I really like that unlike most workout shirts this is a little loose fitting. I hate those tight fitting tank tops because I look terrible in them and even though you don't necessarily dress up for the gym you want to feel comfortable that is physically and mentally. You don't want to think you look terrible and thus make yourself uncomfortable about your appearance. Fortunately, this shirt does not do that. It is also super light weight which is perfect for the summer weather.

Overall, this shirt is a perfect workout shirt or just all-around shirt. If you need to spice up your fitness apparel collection check it out!

Buy It1 Head on over to Marika's website and browse all of their fantastic fitness apparel!

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