Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bilingual Books Review!

Hi everyone! My next review is for Bilingual Books. Bilingual Books has a great "10 minutes a Day" book series where you can learn the basics of a language just by taking time out to look at the book and DVD 10 minutes a day!

I chose the Spanish in 10 Minutes a Day book.

As the website says, "Your guides will take you through nearly eight hours of instruction, and they'll always give you plenty of time to repeat what you're hearing." I have to say, this would have come in handy last summer before I went to Spain because it is super handy and awesome. The book and Computer Disc focuses a lot on repetition, re-writing words, repeating words, etc and it really does help. I remember when having to memorize facts and monologues I would re-write them and repeat them over and over again so the idea really does work.

The Computer disc also has a bunch of fun games you can plan on it too, by matching phrases with how they are spelled and what they go with, etc. To be honest, with the computer disc alone you end up spending more than ten minutes a day learning the language because it is so much fun.

Overall, will you learn the entire spanish language in ten minutes a day? No but you will learn all of the important stuff, numbers, where the bathroom is, pronouns, how to order off of a menu, and then some. It is really awesome and I'm addicted to it. Definitely check them out especially if you plan on traveling to another country. It really helps you at with learning the language from Spanish to French to Russian, they do have quite a few to choose from!

Buy It! Head on over to Bilingual Books' website and browse their awesome selection, you won't be disappointed!

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