Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Flashlight Friends Review!

Isn't it funny when you're young you are in such a hurry to grow up but once you are grown you wish you were a kid again? That's at least how I feel. Although I am not a mom blogger or have children either it doesn't stop me from acting like a kid as much as possible. As you can tell from my previous review below where I proudly wore my lion costume, it is just fun to just act like a kid sometimes. Especially when lately there has been a slew of great products for kids that are so cool even I want to try them. That's how I felt with Flashlight Friends and I was pretty pumped to review one.

I received their pink unicorn but they also have a penguin, blue puppy, and green dragon. They're all pretty adorable.

Flashlight Friends are the new huggable, loveable plush animals that have comfort and security at bedtime. They have a cool-to-the-touch, soft glow LED flashlight built into the animal's belly. It doesn't overheat and turns off after ten minutes if you fall asleep with it on. All you do is tap the tummy twice to turn it on and then tap the tummy twice again to turn it off. The light is a bright blue light that easily lights up a room without hurting your eyes in doing so.

First off, I think these little guys are adorable. They aren't too big or too small to sleep with. The flashlight doesn't make it too clunky or heavy, they remain soft and cuddly. Secondly, this is a great invention. Not even just for kids but everyone. Sometimes at night I'll forget if I unplugged my phone or not and instead of reaching for lamp I can just tap my little unicorn and boom light to see if I unplugged my phone already. It is awesome. Also, it is a great nightlight for children since it turns off automatically and doesn't kill the battery.

Overall, I was really impressed with Flashlight Friends, I think it's a super unique, creative, and useful item that is great for both adults and children. Definitely check it out whether you are looking for a gift for your child or you, yourself, are a child at heart. You won't be disappointed!

Buy It! Head on over to Flashlight Friends' website where you can browse their selection!

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