Thursday, December 12, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide: Ice Cream Magic Review!

One of the greatest foods in the world is probably ice cream. There are so many flavors, you can even get it to fit your dietary needs like dairy free or sugar free, but did you know you could make it too? Yup, you read correctly! With Ice Cream Magic you can make a single serving of ice cream just for yourself.

The Ice Cream Magic looks like a simple ice cream cone shaped cup with a lid but it is more than that. It's an ice cream maker! The Ice Cream Magic also comes with a recipe booklet with a bunch of flavors you can make from plain old vanilla to chocolate chip mint to cookies and cream!

I ended up choosing plain old vanilla just to try out the basics. It's pretty simple, you just add ice and salt to the cup, then in the little freezer area you mix the ice cream ingredients. For vanilla the ice cream ingrediets included heavy whipping cream, sugar, and vanilla extract. Then you close everything up and shake for three minutes and man, that was a workout! I understand how this would be perfect for kids with a lot of energy, it'll definitely mellow them out, but then they'll eat the ice cream and be super hyper again! Haha.

I shook it for three minutes maybe even a little more but it didn't really turn out according to plan.

Most of it was pretty watery though I noticed around the edges that it was starting to form into ice cream, I guess I needed a stronger shake to make it all ice cream. It also says if it doesn't work, shake again.

Can you kind of see it forming around the edges and the bottom? It is great to experiment with things though, I actually added some cacao powder to the vanilla ice cream, mixed it in and it tasted good, but I just wanted it to be thicker. If you're into soupy ice cream it's pretty great for you. My brother rocks the soup ice cream all the time.

Overall, I kind of had high hopes for this guy but it didn't work perfectly, I was a bit bummed that it was super liquify after all that shaking. I think it could be a fun gift for a kid though. You can buy two for $14.99 which isn't bad if you have two kids, because it makes a cute little stocking stuffer for them. It's not a serious gift but it is a fun one. Is it easier to just buy a carton of ice cream? Probably. But this is a pretty cute and entertaining little gift for kids. Just keep in mind it's more entertaining than probably useful.

Buy It! Head on over to Ice Cream Magic's website!

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