Thursday, April 10, 2014

Kushyfoot Foot Covers Review!

I really enjoy wearing nice, fancy shoes but most of the time don't because my feet are so sensitive. I can rock some nice shoes but mainly most of them I blister. They would be much more comfortable if I could wear socks with them but usually that looks weird and definitely not fancy, that is until now! Kushyfoot recently launched their Spring 2014 line of socks that include exciting new styles that work well, and can even compliment your shoes and outfit.

I received the following:
- 2 Pairs of Extremely Low Foot Covers with a lace pattern in black and nude
- 2 Pairs of Ultra Low Foot Covers with a polka-dot lace pattern in black and silver
- 1 Pair of Sport Foot Covers in pink
- 1 Pair of Sheet Ankle Socks in nude

These are all great. Now, of course t he sport anklet is not for fancy outfits but I will probably end up wearing this pair the most. I go to the gym and runs frequently and thus go through workout socks pretty quickly so these are perfect to add to my selection. They have a ventilated mesh top, arch support, stay put heel so it doesn't slip off, and they're just cool and comfy. They are not like the typical ankle socks that I usually wear because they are no-show. They are also a lot thinner than regular fitness socks so I'm pretty curious how long they will last. I am sure they will because Kushyfoot make quality socks and the thin-ness may actually be great for warmer weather runs so you're feet don't sweat as much.

Both of the lace foot covers are great, too. They work excellent with flats and nice heels. They both have foot cushions right on the balls of your feet which is perfect because that is typically where I blister. The extremely low cut actually also have heel guards which prevent them from slipping because they are so crazy low. I have actually never tried the extremely low cut ones before and they're really great. They are so low, literally covering just your tows, maybe an inch of your heel, and none of the sides of your feet. They are tight enough to stay put but not tight to where it is painful or uncomfortable. The elastic around the edges and the heel covers make them nice to wear.

I actually have tried the ultra low cut foot covers before but not in this polka-dot pattern and the silver color is new, too. These cover more feet but not much more. You do have the sides of your feet covered about an inch and maybe a few more centimeters on your heel and above your toes. These are also quite comfortable (no surprise, right?). They have a fancy lace edging which actually makes them quite cute to wear with a pair of flats.

Lastly, there is the sheer anklet in nude. They are basically like stockings but with a little layer of cushion on the bottom so it massages your feet with every step. I feel like this are great to wear with a pair of nice shoes and pants. Since they are nude you really can't tell that you're wearing them. These also come in black which actually look great paired with some black heels and a nice white lace, flirty dress.

All of these foot covers come in regular size and large (9-11). They are all priced pretty fairly coming in at $3.99-$4.49 for one pair and $7.99 for two pairs.

Once again Kushyfoot definitely doesn't disappoint. Their foot covers are very comfortable and cute. They are perfect for those cute spring shoes you bought for this spring season. Definitely check them out, you won't be disappointed!

Buy It! Head on over to Kushyfoot's website and browse their selection!

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