Wednesday, July 9, 2014

SkinAgain Review!

Hey guys! Hope you had a great 4th of July! I did. Anyway, we all want to have the best skin but sometimes it can be difficult what with pimples, cellulite, scars, wrinkles, nobody can be perfect. But there are some great products out there to help you get rid of some of those things at least a little bit. That's where SkinAgain comes in. SkinAgain has a great variety of skin care products to help you with those pesky problems.

I chose their Vanish lotion which helps diminish cellulite, stretch marks, and scars.

It's bikini season and you want to make sure you look great, working out can help you get fit but still you might have stretch marks and cellulite. I know I do. So I hopped on the chance to try this. I have it on the sides of my legs, I guess from puberty, they're pretty annoying but anyone with stretch marks knows this. I've tried cocoa butter and various other lotions and nothing seemed to really work. I've been using Vanish for a few weeks now, of course on and off like twice-three times a week because I keep forgetting/not at home so I forget to pack it. While I can't see a huge difference the marks are a bit lighter.

Keep in mind, this isn't a miracle cream, the marks won't disappear completely but they will diminish the look of them. One thing you have to do though is be consistent with the cream, like all creams that help you skin. So I will definitely be putting it on daily instead of twice a week. You also won't see results the next day, so keep at it and in a month or so there may be a difference and you'll be surprised.

They have spared nothing to develop this formula. That’s why they use the highest recommended percentages of award-winning ingredients. As a result, Vanish is one of the most brilliant, non-invasive alternatives for reducing the appearance of stretch marks, cellulite and scars.

Overall, I liked Vanish, it's great because it's an easy lotion and there are some crazy before and after photos on the website that prove it works. Check them out here! So I am definitely going to keep at it, summer's not over yet! I will look awesome in a bikini soon!

Buy It! Head on over to SkinAgain's website and browse their great selection!

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