Saturday, July 26, 2014

TriCalm Review!

We're all in full summer mode which means more outdoor fun like camping, hiking, and all that awesome stuff. But you do have to be careful because while the outdoors are awesome it can get a little...buggy. Or you could hike into some poison ivy, I know it's happened to me when I was younger. It isn't fun and you just want to scratch your legs off. But you can do that, it's not really physically possible, and it would be super painful. So don't scratch, get TriCalm!

TriCalm is hydrogel is a dermatologist-recommended anti-itch product that provides rapid relief to summer skin irritations associated with insect bites, poison ivy and itchy rashes. It is a safe, steroid-free gel that decreases the sensitivity of the nerve receptors in your skin responsible for sending signals of itching to your brain. Because the gel is steroid-free and does not thin your skin like other ant-itch products, it may be used on sensitive skin and reapplied throughout the day.

It's great for itching, burning, and stinging. So even if you're more of a homebody and prefer cooking instead of going outdoors and hiking this will help you with burns from cooking (which not going to lie I get more than the average bear and cook not very much). It's soothing, doesn't smell weird, and works really well.

Overall, it's a great product for everyone -- parents, kids, just 20 something's that can't cook well (aka me) -- definitely check out! You won't be disappointed.

Buy It! TriCalm retails for $10.49 and is available at CVS, Walmart and Walgreens locations nationwide.

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