Friday, April 24, 2015

Purex Crystals ScentSplash Review and Giveaway!

Hey everyone! Purex is at it again just being even more awesome. We know and fell in love with their crystals softener but now they amp'd it up and created Purex Crystals ScentSplash.

Purex Crystals ScentSplash is a new liquid in-wash fragrance booster that infuses your clothes with the power of liquid freshness. Just add a little or a lot to your washer.

I received it in their "fresh spring waters" scent which smells so great. Their description says: "Wade into cool, enchanting waters and five your laundry an incredible just-wshed freshness that lasts for months."

It contains refreshing scent beads that release subtle bursts of freshness with every wearing. It's safe for all loads including towels, sheets, activewear, and kid's clothing. You can also use it on regular or HE washers.

I am actually doing my laundry as we speak and used this ScentSplash. The first load left smelling amazing. I'm sure the scent will last a long time, too. 

Once again I wasn't disappointed with Purex and their great products. They always come out with something new that's better than the product that you fell in love with them originally. Definitely check them out, you won't be disappointed!

Buy It! Head on over to Purex's website and browse their awesome selection!

Win It! THREE winners will receive a free product coupon each for Purex Crystals!

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  1. I love using purex products and I can not wait to try this one.

  2. I love the difference scents that Purex has, especially mountain breeze. These leave a great scent on clothes

  3. I love good smelling clothes and this sounds great for that.

  4. I want to win and see if this products can do a better job on my towels

  5. I love the smell of fresh laundry, I wish that fresh smell would last a little longer though. I would love to go in my closet months later and have something to smell fresh out of the dryer fresh!

  6. I love using Purex Crystals! I've been using them for a couple of years now and never do a load without them! I'm excited to try this liquid form of them to see if I like it as much as the crystals

  7. I like to try new laundry products.

  8. i would like to win because i have a family of 5 and do alot of laundry, this would make my laundry more pleasant.

  9. I would love to win because I am a huge Purex fan and would love to see how well this works in my laundry.

  10. I like Purex and I like trying new products

  11. I would like to win since my wash could use some fragrance boosting and Purex makes great products.

  12. I like to sin so I can try this new product.

    Desiree Dunbar