Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Ambronite Review!

I always try to eat healthy and stay fit but it can be difficult sometimes. I do love snacking on junk foods. Fortunately there are some pretty awesome ways to get healthy and one of them is Ambronite. Ambronite is a drinkable supermeal that takes hunger away for 4-5 hours. 

The box came with ten packets of Ambronite and the bottle to drink it in. You simply put cold water into the bottle, add the ambronite powder, shake it up, and drink! It's also best to let it sit for two minutes after you shake it.

Let me tell you, this is not the most delicious drink I've ever had. There sometimes is chunks of the powder in the drink so it's not completely smooth. Also it's kind of a weird oath-bitter taste to it. It took me a while to drink the first one down but eventually I got used to it and it tasted okay. Also, it's very healthy for you.

Each pack has 500 calories, 30 grams of protein, 80% vitamin C, 25% vitamin A, 25% calcium, 45% vitamin D, 14 grams of dietary fiber, and so on. Packed with natural goodness and free of artificial nasties, it tastes of oats and fresh nuts with a hint of Nordic herbs and berries. The pure, neutral taste mixes well with water, juices and your favorite fruit. It's made with stuff like organic whole grain oats, organic coconut, organic apple, organic spinach, etc. It's vegan, no GMO's, no artificial flavorings or added sugars. It's basically one full meal in a bottle. 

This is perfect for people that work a lot at offices and hardly have time to eat right and work out but want to try to. This will boost your productivity and get you feeling way better.

Overall, while the flavor is difficult to get used to, it is way better than scarfing down a McDonalds burger or something when you're in a rush but still pretty hungry. 

Buy It! Head on over to Ambronite's website and learn more about it and buy some yourself!

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