Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Del Taco's New Ensaladas Review and Giveaway!

You guys know I love Del Taco. It's my go-to fast food place because it's reasonably priced and so delicious. They always come out with so many great new items too to improve their already stellar menu. Most recently they've added some delicious handcrafted ensaladas. They're made with fresh and quality ingredients and packed with bold flavors like hand-made pico de gallo salsa, seasoned black beans and they even threw in some bacon.

Del Taco introduced three new ensaladas: 

- Chicken Bacon Avocado Salad: features freshly grilled marinated chicken, fresh sliced Hass avocado, crispy hand-chopped bacon, handmade pico de gallo salsa, chopped cilantro, and fresh house-made tortilla chips atop a mix of fresh crisp romaine and iceberg lettuce. Served with new cilantro pepita ranch dressing and only 590 calories.

- Mexican Chopped Chicken Salad: include a fresh blend of romaine and iceberg lettuce topped with fresh sliced Hass avocado, handmade pico de gallo salsa, chopped cilantro, fresh house-made tortilla chips, spicy jack cheese, seasoned black beans and freshly grilled marinated chicken. Served with salsa casera and only 510 calories.

- Signature Taco Salad: features seasoned beef, freshly sliced Hass avocado, handmade pico de gallo salsa, cheddar cheese freshly grated from 40-pound blocks, chopped cilantro, seasoned black beans, fresh house-made tortilla chips and real sour cream on a mix of fresh crisp romaine and iceberg lettuce. Served with salsa casera and only 540 calories.

I really liked the Mexican Chopped Chicken Salad. To be honest, I don't eat meat but I gave the chicken to my friend and she enjoyed it. I like the variety in the salad. I love black beans and avocado and will eat anything if those two are in it. They salads were a nice size too and pretty filling.

I am extremely happy that they're adding salads to their menu because I am a huge salad person and love them.

Overall, Del Taco definitely doesn't disappoint again, check them out you won't be disappointed!

Buy It! Head on over to Del Taco's website and get a coupon where you can get a free small drink with the purchase of a salad!

Win It! THREE winners will receive a $5 Gift Card from Del Taco!

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  1. I love Del Taco and go there often.

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  4. I would like this prize because I have loved Del Taco for the last 14 years!