Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Clover Organics Review!

Hey everyone, with so many pesticides and GMO's being used and added to our food it's important to think before you purchase anything. Sometimes organics, although maybe a little more expensive, is the way, way better option. That's why you should check out Clover Organic Farms. They have a wide range of dairy products for you to check out. I received this opportunity thanks to Social Nature.

I received some Clover cash to purchase a Clover product and I chose their 1% Low Fat Milk with Vitamin A & D.

I actually haven't had regular milk in a while, which I guess is a weird thing to say. I usually buy coconut or almond milk from Costco in bulk because they last longer, that's why. I do love regular milk though. 

Some key benefits of this milk are:
- Organic 
- rBST and antibiotic-free 
- Fresh pasteurized to ensure the quality 
- Gluten free 
- Low fat 
- Excellent source of calcium 
- Good for reduced calorie diets

It has 25% of the daily value of Vitamin D, 10% for Vitamin A, and 35% for calcium.

Honestly, it tastes just like any old milk to me which I love. It has low fat but doesn't taste too watery or like it is missing anything. That's why I can't do skim milk, really. This milk is delicious and quenches your thirst when you're craving some and it also goes great in all cereal -- that's what I use it for a lot.

Overall, I really enjoyed this milk, it tastes great and is good for you. Definitely check it out, you won't be disappointed!

Buy It! Head on over to Social Nature where you can get Clover Milk!

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