Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Bye Guys!

This is a hard post to write but I think it is time. I started Star Impulse in February 2010, it was so much fun, I love reviewing products and connecting with readers but time passes, life happens, and I became more and more inconsistent with posts. Without consistency you lose readers and potential products to review, like Star Impulse did. Truthfully, I love writing but product reviews are not really my passion anymore. Even though it seems easy it is a lot of work -- connecting with the companies, keeping track of the items, trying the items, and then reviewing them. Right now I am trying to focus on other things. Not sure if you guys know this already but I'm originally from NJ and I moved to California to pursue a career in entertainment. I currently do stand up comedy and have been traveling a lot for that, this summer I've been to San Francisco, Denver and in September I'll be in Boston and Flagstaff -- so it is hard to focus on reviewing products and also telling jokes and planning tours. I love Star Impulse and the readers so, so, so much and I hate doing this, but I feel like you guys deserve better. You don't deserve a rushed product review or a sloppy one and I find myself almost doing that sometimes. So, with a heavy heart, this is goodbye. Don't fret though because I'll still be on the internet. I'm going to keep my healthy living/fitness/life blog State of Motion and when I discover awesome products and such I will post them on there. I also have a personal website KellyMcInerney.net where I update all my stand up, hosting, writing, podcasting stuff. I do still write for Cinelinx and host for Afterbuzz. I also started a podcast called IMDweed. Lastly, you can check out my twitter and instagram -- both still hollyweirdo. I love you guys! And thank you so much for reading, participating, and being awesome! I'll see you around.


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  1. BEST OF LUCK FOR ALL YOUR ENDEAVORS!!! thanks for everything!