Friday, May 12, 2017

ToSave.com Review!

Hey everyone, we all love online shopping right? To be honest, I feel like the older I get the more I get into it. It is way easier when you have a busy lifestyle to just go to the computer really quickly, browse and order versus going to the store or the mall. That is why I was very excited to browse To Save. To Save is a shopping site that has almost anything -- from car phone chargers to wedding dresses -- seriously this place has almost everything.

I didn't go too, too crazy with my selection but wow did I get lost in browsing for a bit. I decided just on these three items:


A crop top that says "psycho," a shirt with a great back cutout, and a little tripod.

All of these are very important additions to my life for me: The psycho shirt just reminds me of one of my favorite movies "American Psycho," also I have been pretty proud of my body lately and have been rocking some crop tops; the back one is, well I love anything with cool backs, so I had to have it; and the mini tripod, probably the one that makes the most sense, I do stand up and want to try recording more sets and now I can with this little baby tripod.

All three of these items came to a total of less than $10 which is crazy. The psycho shirt was $3.88, the long sleeve shirt was $4.79, and the tripod was $1.77. Wowie zowie.

One thing is the fabric of the shirts are a little weird. I thought the back shirt was going to be more sweater-like but instead it just looked like a really ill-fitting shirt, this one was the most disappointing. The sleeves were a little, off it looked like it was too boxy and unflattering for me in the front.

But this is the type of website where you're not 100% disappointed because it was crazy cheap. And the Psycho shirt looks great AND the tripod is perfect for on the go quick recordings. The tripod you can only use sideways though, I tried to tilt it so my phone is normal but it fell. The phone just squeezes in there and it's pretty easy.

Overall, I think the website is pretty awesome. I definitely recommend checking out the website. If you wanna shop, need to get someone a little something, or have something in mind they may have it. 

Buy It! Head on over to To Save's website or check out their sister sites Rose Hair Extensions and Weave Hair Plus.

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