Monday, March 8, 2010

Crazy Dog T-Shirts Review!

Hi guys! So my next review is for Crazy Dog T-Shirts. I recently just interviewed their partner site, Nacho Mama Tees over here and loved them. This is the t-shirt I received from Crazy Dog T-Shirts:

Let me tell you, I saw this shirt when I was studying abroad in London at a store near Portebello Market and I’ve just been eyeing it for sooo long. I do indeed love dinosaurs. So I was more than excited to review this wonderful shirt. Once I got it yesterday though I was super excited. It fit perfectly! Not too tight or too big, just perfect. Plus this one is 100% cotton too, so yay!

Crazy Dog T-Shirts has a huge selection of t-shirts too, seriously. For t-shirt websites go I think this one is one of the websites that has the most t-shirts. Their prices range from $6.00 to $19.99. You will definitely find something for everyone, seriously, because if that person doesn’t like t-shirts this site has a few extra items too. They even have a selection of their site called “Geek Gifts” where they have ice cube trays shaped like the Titanic and a toast bread stamper of Mary. Feeling lucky? Pay $6.00 to get a mystery tee, from all the funny ones on the website you’re most likely going to like it!

Like their partner, Nacho Mama Tees, Crazy Dog T-Shirts has a wide selection of hilarious tees. From the Jersey Shore to Chuck Norris, there is a shirt for almost anything on this website. Just check out their website, seriously you will not be disappointed.

Buy It! Head on over to Crazy Dog T-Shirts and browse the enormous selection. Or sign up for their free t-shirt giveaway where they give out several free shirts a day. Check out their Facebook, too! You can also check out what shirt is on sale for $6.99 that day and, more importantly, sign up for the mailing list where you can win a free tshirt giveaway! Shop for yourself or shop for a gift for someone, if you can’t think of what to get someone a funny t-shirt is definitely the perfect gift!

I was provided a product in exchange for my review.
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