Thursday, May 20, 2010

Moukisac Review!

Hey guys! So my next review is for Moukisac. Moukisac is this really
great reusable bag system. Yup it's a system not just one reusable bag. Here allow me to explain. Moukisac starts off as this tiny little bag.

You can strap it around your waist like a fanny pack or just wear it like a purse. Inside it comes with four mesh bags 3 big ones and 1 little one for produce.

When you're done shopping and ready to go home this tiny bag transforms into a nice sized reusable bag so you can take your groceries home.

The big bag also has a little pouch so you can put all your money and essentials in there so you don't have to bring your purse.

It was so easy to use too. Especially re-folding it back up, which was the first thing I tried because something like this can sound like a great idea but ends up being really difficult to re-do, this wasn't the case. It doesn't bunch up or look to bulky, it refolds really easily into a little bag. I also loved that it came with produce bags. We all know the new "it" thing is being green and using reusable bags but I've never seen any reusable produce bags. So I think this is a genius idea. You can also use the mesh bags to make sprouts they even sell kits for only $4.50 and it comes with your choice of organic french lentils or organic mung beans.

I am one of those people that would really like to use reusable bags but I always forget to bring them. I used to use one in London because we had to walk to the supermarket and they didn't have paper bags so it was just best if you brought a big shopping bag. But with this bag it's really great because being that it is so small I can just stick it in my purse or whatever because my bag is big as hell and this little Moukisac becomes a small little sac I will never forget it.

Overall this is a really, really excellent product and can't wait to use it the next time I go food shopping.

Buy It! Head on over to Moukisac's website and browse all the Moukisac colors. A Moukisac system cost only $29.50! You can also buy different sizes of Moukinets from super small to pineapple-sized huuge!

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