Sunday, May 9, 2010


OH MY GOD YOU GUYS DID ANY OF YOU WATCH SNL? Can we please talk about how EPIC it was? I think Betty White is lying about her age, there is NO WAY she's 88 1/2 and is that ALIVE to host SNL. I've been in a SNL audience and the hosts RUSH and run around to the different sets, I don't know how she did it! Plus the alumnis were fantastic I loveee how they brought back some old characters like Sally O'Malley and Whitney Houston. I just wish they had Cheri Oteri on the show. Also, last but definitely not least JAY-Z was INSANE. His medley was just incredible including "Empire State of Mind" and my fave "99 Problems" but a sort of rock-ish rendition of it. He was the PERFECT musical guest for this show. I never thought that my love of Jay-Z could get any bigger but it has, it has. I really feel like this episode was from the 90's because of all the alumnis and let's be honest Betty White and Jay-Z just don't age. I just wish that Betty and Jay-Z did a collab that would've been INSANE. Best episode of the 2000's HANDS DOWN. How is Alec Baldwin going to compete with this? Seriously.

I'm sorry I'm a crazy SNL nerd in general let alone when there's a MINDBLOWING EPISODE like this.


  1. I've seen a couple of items today on different news pages that ther are videos of the SNL dress rehersal with Betty White including a couple scenes of that didn't make it into the final show.

    Sorry I can't look them up right now.

  2. Oh yeah! I've seen that on like website headlines but I haven't watched any yet. I think one is a Debbie Downer one too, I have to check it out. Thanks!