Monday, May 10, 2010

Vitalicious VitaTops and VitaBrownies Review!

Hey guys! So my next review and giveaway is for Vitalicious VitaTops. VitaTops are basically muffins except only just the tops of them and the healthier versions of them.

As you can see it was a HUGE box of a buttload of flavors. Actually TWO of each flavors and a box of Vitabrownies! Yummmm! I was so surprised and so gracious that I received this big box of goodies. What was even better though is how delicious they tasted. Because come on, let's be honest the "healthy" versions of products usually don't taste at all like their unhealthy siblings. But surprise! These do! Well, to be honest, I did have one least favorite and I was sad to find out that it was Banana Nut because typically I LOVE anything banana nut but these VitaTops just didn't cut it for me in the Banana Nut category, it just didn't taste like bananas to me. But you know what? That's okay because their GAZILLION other flavors made up for it. Especially for the crazy flavors that I have never seen before in anything except like ice cream, yes I am talking about Chocolate Mint and yes it is VitaTop! AppleBerry was another newbie I've never seen before. But these all tasted soooo delicious. All of the chocolate ones just hit my sweet spot perfectly and I liked all of the berry ones except CranBran but that's only because I'm not a big cranberry person. Oh my god! And the Vitabrownies! Oh my godddd! They were sooo good! Literally though, I can go on and on about all of their delicious flavors but we have to move on to the healthy part. Because they are both healthy AND delicious.

How many calories do you think these babies have? 200? 150? Try 100! Aww yeah. Only 100 calories and high in protein and fiber! They also are made out of whole grains, contain no artificial ingredients, and have 15 different vitamins and minteral (hence their name!) Also they have no preservatives which is a very good thing buttt right when you get them you have to put them in the freezer immediately to secure their freshness. Once they're in the freezer they'll be good there for 8 to 10 months. To eat them it's simple, take them out let them site for like an hour and a half and eat! Orrr if you're in a hurry like I usually am, take them out of the freezer and warm it up either in the microwave or toaster!

Not only did I like these but my whole family loved these. There was literally a flavor for everyone probably two flavors even! And we're a big junk food family, I'm not going to lie, but with these VitaTops around instead of grabbing the cookie or the ice cream we grabbed one of these and immediately satisfied our crazy sugar cravings.

VitaTops and Vitabrownies were a serious win for Vitalicious. I actually see these a lot in the store so once I run out of this crazy awesome supply I might go and grab some more. :)

Also Vitalicious doesn't stop their with their healthy snacks! They also have Vitamuffins, Vitacakes, Vitacoffee, and VitaMixes which you can make your own brownies and muffins from. Awesome!

Definitely check these out!

Buy It! You can either order them online or see what store near you sells them. They sell them at a bunch of places near me: Shop Rite, Pathmark, Stop and Shop.

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