Monday, August 30, 2010

Luster 1-Hour At Home Tooth Whitening Light System Review!

Hey guys! So my next review is for Luster 1-Hour At Home Tooth Whitening Light System. Luster Premium White claims that their 1-Hour White At Home Tooth Whitening Light System can whiten your teeth up to 6 shades in 1 hour, I had to check this out.

This 1 hour system is a 3 step kit. First, you have to rinse with the mouthwash for 10 seconds, then brush your teeth with the Super Whitener which looks kind of like a nail polish, but not haha. But while doing this you have to make sure not to have your lips touch your teeth or else you have to wipe it off and start that tooth over. After that dries, which takes about 20 seconds, you put the light up to your teeth and hold it there for 2 minutes while keeping your lips off your teeth. The system says to do this 10 t0 20 times.

Overall, I felt the process was kind of difficult. Especially keeping my lips off my teeth. I only did this 10 times because it actually took an hour at least. It also made me drool a lot and yeah, it was a work out. I had a whitening system before, but all you had to do was squeeze some gel stuff in this retainer thing in the shape of your teeth, put it on your teeth for like an hour, then just keep doing that. That worked but it also cost quite a bit, mainly because of the whole molding the retainer thing to your teeth. I wasn't used to working hard for the whiteness, haha.

But what was cool about this system is you could measure how white your teeth get. They give you a little ruler from 1 to 21 shades, 1 being white teeth 21 being not so much. I was actually a 5 but I am obsessed with getting white teeth, I'm pale so even though I have nice fairly white teeth if I wear like pale pink lipstick or something it makes my teeth look yellow, so I always want white teeth. Being that it claimed to whiten my teeth up to 6 shades I was pumped, even though I didn't do 20 applications I was hoping the 10 applications would push me up to a 3 or 2 at least.

Well, it actually didn't. I measured my teeth and if anything they might have moved up to a 4 but not really, it's sort of in between a 4 and a 5. I was pretty bummed. Especially after working so hard on getting them white. I assume one reason could be maybe this whitening system is for people with not very white teeth. Maybe because I was only a 5 it could be tougher to get it more white. I don't know, either way all I know is I'm kinda disappointed.

On the plus side though, it didn't irritate my teeth or my gums nor did it chap up my lips like some teeth whitening systems do. It just made me thristy, haha.

In the future I do plan on trying it again and use the other 10 applications, hopefully it'll push my teeth to a 3. We'll see what happens. :)

I suggest if you have $40 to kill, try it out, see what happens. If you're teeth need a sprucing up hopefully it'll do a shade at up at least. It might not have worked for me but it has worked for others in the past. I mean it has almost 4 stars on Amazon so that has to count for something, right?

Buy It! Head on over to your local Target or check it out on Amazon or just hit up Luster One Hour's website.

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