Saturday, November 20, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide: Be Present Review!

Hi everyone! My next review is for Be Present. Be Present is a great yoga clothing company that has a wide range of yoga pants, shirts, and accessories. For the first time this year they introduced their own Holiday 2010 collection. I received their Hemp Circle Scarf to review!

I really like this scarf. First of all, I am a huge fan of circle scarves, I own two already. They're just so much easier than regular scarves, especially for someone like me that really doesn't have the steady hands or the skills to create a fashionable way to wrap a regular scarf around my neck. Usually, I only wear regular scarves to keep me warm because I have no clue how to wear them any other way (except my Gryffindor scarf, which I occasionally rock out when I'm feeling wizardy, like this weekend!). You can wear it many ways too.

As for the rest of the Holiday collection, it has great new styles of favorite shirts as well as new tees that have chakra phrases embroidered onto them that say "be love" and "be joyful." Perfect saying for this season that is known to exude peace and joy.

I, personally, am not into yoga but I do work out and I really like their clothes. They look very comfortable whether you're using them to work out or just lounging around. It is also really great that a lot of their products are made with eco-friendly products. Much like the hemp circle scarf I received, which is 100% hemp slub.

Definitely check them out, especially their holiday line! Whether your buying a gift for your yoga-addicted friend or just buying something for yourself, there is something for everyone!

Buy It! Head on over to Be Present's website and browse their awesome collection.

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