Friday, November 19, 2010

Lucky Leaf Pie Fillings Review!

Hey everyone! So my next review is for Lucky Leaf. Lucky Leaf is a company that has fantastic premium pie fillings. Almost ready to made, all you need is the crust and you have the perfect pie! I was able to try three fantastic fillings from them and also with the pie fillings I received a really great recipe book that had at least one recipe for each pie filling. It was really great, especially if you want to switch it up rather than making pie after pie after pie.

The fillings I tried were:
Coconut Custard

These fillings were so easy to use! I love them, especially when you want to just make a quick pie. They're super great for the holiday season coming up, especially Thanksgiving. Thankgiving you're more concerned with the dinner aka the turkey rather than the dessert. So It would be super easy, while you're making a salad or something not using the oven, to just get some roll-out pie crust, put the pie filling in, put the other half of the roll-out pie crust on top and let that baby bake. That's what I did for the peach pie and it came out goood. As you can see I kind of forgot to take a picture of it right after I cookied it (which sucks because it came out so pretty!) but here is what is left of it:

One complaint is that I feel like the can wasn't big enough, my pie didn't have that much filling in it and looked a bit flat. I also ripped off a lot of excess crust before baking because it was smaller than my average pies because of the smaller amount of filling. Still delicious though!

I was a little more creative with the coconut custard pie. I only used one roll-out pie crust, put some cool whip on top, and then roasted some coconut flakes on top to perfect the pie. It came out deliciousss. I feel like this filling though was more than enough. Maybe because it was a cream-based filling and was therefore a lot thicker than the fruit-based peach one. I just made this pie last night and I can promise you it will not last in my house. We are huge fans of coconut custard pies.

I'm not going to lie, I haven't tried the blueberry filling yet mainly because I'm saving it for Thanksgiving but if the filling is as great as the previous ones are I am pretty confident it will not disappoint at the dinner table on Turkey day. I'm pretty excited to make it!

Overall, these fillings were great! I was especially excited to try the coconut custard pie filling before because I've seen fruit fillings, I've never seen cream-based ones. They also have chocolate cream and banana cream too! It was as delicious as a store bought one but had the delicious taste of success because I baked it...well at least half baked it, I put all the ingredients together and combined them into this pretty pie, haha! I also enjoyed the recipe book and, although I didn't use it for any of the pies, I do plan on it in the future. I may instead use the blueberry pie filling to make the really delicious looking blueberry bars that they had a recipe for in the book. I haven't decided yet and I have...oh uh, 6 days to debate about it, hahahaha.

Definitely check out Lucky Leaf! They also have some great applesauces and juice too! But they have almost every fruit pie filling! From apple to apricot, raspberry to raisin! There's definitely a pie filling for you to enjoy!

Buy It! Head on over to Lucky Leaf's website and browse their products! Then click on the Store Locator to see what store is selling them near you!

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