Thursday, April 14, 2011

NBI Juiceworks Review!

Hey everyone! So my next review is for NBI Juiceworks. NBI Juiceworks is a great juice company that carries two different types of juices: Drenches and Sun Shower.

Drenchers come in a few varieties but I tried their Fit 'N' Lean flavors. As the website says, these flavors help "to help keep you performing at your best, your body and mind need powerful vitamins and nutrients. Starting with our tantalizing and healthful 100% pure pressed Nectarine Juice, we then added a medley of fruits, vegetables and "BODYGUARD PROTECTION" resulting in our delicious and nutritious Heart Healthy Super Juice Beverage." There's only 20 calories per bottle and each flavor helps a specific ability. They have +15 essential vitamins, nutrients, amino acids, antioxidants, electrolytes and herbs. They tasted pretty good, my favorite was the Immunity one which is Pomegranate Berry. But they all were pretty good and quenched my thirst. A healthy alternative to sodas and juices especially coming in at 20 calories.

Sun Shower was a little different. Sun Shower has a few different varieties as well but I got to try their All Natural Super Juice. The website's description of these says: "Sun Shower, nature's perfect blend of taste and nutrition. Pure pressed at the peak of flavor, Sun Shower brings you the juice from nature's most tantalizing fruits... All natural 100% Nectarine Super Juice, with LIFEGUARD PROTECTION.TM Less acidic than ordinary OJ. Tastes like biting into a fresh summer nectarine... now available all year." I did enjoy the taste of these a lot more than the Drenchers. I feel like the the Drenchers were a bit watered down, but these were 100% juice and very sweet. Though the sweet, deliciousness comes with a price, these botttles are smaller and have about 150 calories per bottle. So while they're delicious and are rich in Antioxidants and Vitamin A, C, and E they are much like regular juice calories-wise. But these were definitely my favorite.

I thought all of the Sun Shower flavors were delicious but my favorite was the Nectarine Berry. I liked that it wasn't too acidic like some nectarine and citrus-y flavored drinks were, the berry flavor evened it out in a way. But you could still enjoy both flavors.

Overall, I really did love both products from NBI Juiceworks. The Drenchers were great and healthy but still with a nice little flavor to them. The Sun Showers were great juices packed with vitamins and tasted delicious. Definitely check them out if you're a big fan of fruity things like me!

Buy It! Head on over to NBI Juiceworks' website and browse their yummy selection!

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