Monday, April 11, 2011

YumYum Dish Review!

Hey everyone so my next review is for YumYum Dish. YumYum Dish is a great, cute little bowl that help with your portion control. It's only 4 oz and comes in an assortment of colors.

As the website says: "The Yum Yum Dish is perfect for children, teens, and adults who want to enjoy all their favorite foods in moderation. Not concerned with portion control? Use these hand-painted dishes for sauces, dips, entertaining, and more.

A Yum Yum dish is a creative gift for the foodie in your life and a smart addition to any weight loss plan."

I think they look so cute, too. Around the rim of the bowl up top it says "Yum Yum time is..." then at the bottom of the bowl it says "Over." Such a cute design.

But they are great bowls for variety of snacks from nuts to cottage cheese to ice cream. You can put practically anything in these bowls. But in case you need some ideas for snacks, YumYum Dish has a whole page dedicated to snack ideas here.

Definitely check out YumYum Dish whether you're trying to control your portions or have a little one that would like this cute bowl, it's definitely worth it.

Buy It! Head on over to YumYum Dish's website use the coupon code "STAR" until April 25th to get a $5.00 discount on every set. Please remember code is case sensitive.

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