Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Zoobies Review!

Hey everyone, my next review is for Zoobies. Zoobies are really awesome slumber pets that transform from stuffed animals to pillows to blankets, either way they're really awesome!

I received Hada the Hippo. As the website says: This chubby pink hippo is sure to become your child's best friend. Not only is she an adorable, plump hippo, but also a comfy pillow and super-soft blanket all in one. Perfect for road excursions or just cuddling in bed. Hada™ also makes for the ideal baby shower gift.

These are so cool. Not going to lie, I am a kid at heart so the idea of something like this is awesome. It is great for kids but even adults too, I love it. They are incredibly handy. They are great for this time of year too when we are all traveling. I'm actually traveling in a little less than two weeks (10 days but who's counting) and I plan on bringing this guy on the plane with me. Sometimes flights don't have blankets and when they do they're really not the best. It is a nice size blanket, too, perfect for one person. I love that it becomes a pillow too.

It is super easy to clean, machine washable and the blanket zips off to make it even easier to wash. Which makes it even greater for kids because, you know, they can be a little messy, haha.

They also come in so many animals from monkeys to moose, bumblebees to water buffalo (yeah they get that specific), almost any animal. If you're looking to shop for your picky child or if you, yourself is picky you will definitely fall in love with one animal on this site. I thought the wolf was super cute.

Definitely check them out even if you're an adult you'll love them. I do! They also make great gifts for baby showers and birthday parties.

Buy It! Head on over to Zoobies' website and browse their awesome selection!

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