Sunday, July 3, 2011

Revabs Update Number 3.

Okay, well, Revabs yup I'm still doing it and yup I still like it! I have to be honest though, I don't follow their calendar. I noticed some of the routines I like more than the others. I like the 2nd set as well as the bonus Full Throttle DVDs better than the 1st set. But then again the 1st set I did a while and got used to, the 2nd set I feel the burn man!

The 2nd set consists of Power Intervals 2, Strength and Endurance/Merciless Abs, and Fat Burning Abs. I really like the strength routines. I have to say though whenever they go off into their stretches in the warm ups/cool downs I half ass it, I'm not much of a stretcher even though I should be.

I haven't really followed the food as much either, I have been counting my calorie intake and trying to equal it to what they want but in the recipe book there isn't a huge amount of selection for vegetarians. I do love the breakfasts though, the Mexican Scramble is where it's at. I tried to drink a Shakeology shake for breakfast a few times but it tastes good with stuff, but just the shake mix and water is just not good tasting to me.

I've noticed a difference though. I noticed my arms and legs firming up and getting more toned. I haven't lost much weight but I don't plan on losing much weight just tightening and toning. So I am seeing a difference and I'm liking it. It's definitely a great work out. Don't knock it for it being a DVD workout it is such a great workout system. I've been doing it at least three times a week along with gym routines and I see a difference, definitely check it out!

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