Sunday, July 3, 2011

thinkThin Review!

Hey everyone! My next review is for thinkThin. thinkThin is a great company that has deeelicious bars, they have protein, crunch, and bites bars all of which are equally delicious. I got the chance to review a few of them.

The flavors I tried are:
Cookies and Cream Bites Bar
Brownie Crunch Protein Bar
Chunky Peanut Butter Protein Bar

As the website says: "The thinkThin® product family is a healthy solution for your busy day. Whatever else the day holds in store, our natural energy bars provide a simple and satisfying high protein snack without the punishing side effects of sugar and gluten to support weight wellness and a vibrant, active lifestyle. Our natural energy bars have only the highest quality ingredients that are naturally delicious. thinkThin® Protein bars can be enjoyed at breakfast before exercise to give you energy for the day, thinkThin® Bites make a great mid-morning snack, and thinkThin® Crunch bars are perfect as a mid-afternoon treat on the way to soccer practice. All thinkThin® products are wrapped and ready to go with you wherever the day may take you — to the office, the car, the gym, the mountains or onto the couch with a good book."

These are amazing. I've had protein/healthy bars before that tried to do the chocolate sweetness thing but there's always a gross after taste. These are not like that at all. I feel like I'm literally eating a candy bar, they're so sweet and delicious. Seriously, I don't think I could choose a favorite because they're all sweet and really hit what I'm craving. If I wanted some peanut butter I'd go for the peanut butter one, chocolate for the Brownies, and a quick sweet snack I'd go for the cookies and cream. They were all sooo good!

The Cookies and Cream bites bar is a little smaller than the other two it also has only 100 calories, 0g of sugar, and 5g of protein. It's a mixture of chocolate and vanilla cookie flavor coated with white chocolate. I usually hate white chocolate but this was delicious.

The protein bars were great too, one negative I have to say about them is that they're loaded with calories. Both of them had 240 calories a bar! So yeah there was a reason why they tasted sweet and delicious like a candy bar because they were practically just like candy bars, at least calorie-wise. But on the plus side they're packed with protein, coming in at 20 grams per bar. That is awesome! They're great to eat post-workout instead of a protein shake, when you're feeling too lazy to make a shake, haha. They also have 0g of sugar and are gluten free. So while it's heavy calories, they are beneficial in other ways.

Definitely check them out, they have a nice selection of flavors too, the crunch bars sound great too if you're a nut fan! You definitely won't be disappointed with the taste because they are awesome!

Buy It! Head on over to thinkThin's website and browse their delicious selection!

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