Sunday, July 3, 2011

Snow Beverages Review!

Hey everyone! My next review is for Snow Beverages. Snow Beverages are natural sodas loaded with vitamins and are naturally freshing.

The flavors I received are:
Lemon Lime
Pure Cola
Cranberry Pomraz

As the website says: "Snow Natural Soda + Vitamins – all the fun, exuberance and delicious indulgence of soda without any of the unhealthy ingredients. Our original line of Natural Soda + Vitamins is lightly sweetened with natural cane sugar, lightly carbonated and loaded with vitamins including Vitamin C, B3, B5, B6 and B12."

I'm not a huge soda person but other members of my family are, though I did like these. The cola was my least favorite, but for a good reason! I'm not a big fan of cola in general and this tasted just like regular cola, maybe not as sweet, so yeah. It tasted just like regular cola, so if you like cola you'd like this flavor. The lemon lime was pretty good, nice and refreshing, almost like Sprite but a little lemon/limey-er. I liked this better than Sprite. My favorite though was the Cranberry Pomraz because it was just a unique flavor and tasted just awesome! It was a perfect combination of cranberry, pomegranate, and raspberry but still wasn't overwhelmingly sweet and fruity. Plus it is a new flavor I'd never tasted before. I definitely plan on chugging down more of these, especially.

The one negative I'd say is that although they're all natural and caffeine free, they are loaded with sugar. Natural cane sugar at that but still sugar. They pack a whopping 31 grams and usually you're daily diet should have no more than 66 grams per day (on a 2800 calorie intake diet) or for a girl like me who consumes about 1400 calories per day around 22 grams. So one can of these is already over my sugar intake. It also has around 115 calories in a can which is ehhh.

But it is soda, so if you love soda go for it, just don't go crazy for it. On the upside though, they do have a light version of Lemon Lime which has zero calories, which sounds awesome. I definitely would like to check that out next time.

Overall, if you enjoy soda you would enjoy these. They're a little bit more nutritional than your average soda -- packed with vitamins and all natural. I also noticed that they kind of quenched your thirst more than regular sodas. I'm usually still thirsty after drinking soda but these were great. Very refreshing and tasty! Check them out!

Buy It! Head on over to Snow Beverage's website and browse their selection, click on Find Snow to see if they're being sold near you!

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