Friday, September 23, 2011

Clarsskin Review!

Hey everyone! My next review is for Clarsskin. Clarsskin Underarm Cleanser is a specialized underarm cleanser designed to gently and efficiently remove all traces of antiperspirant/deodorant residue. The first product to define the true meaning of clean.

I know what you're thinking, is it really necessary to have a special soap for under your arms? Well we all know deodorant is pretty sticky and stays up there a while, so this really does make it easier to have a nice clean and fresh underarm. Sometimes while shaving I used to see pieces of white stuff and just assumed it was soap, apparently it was deodorant which is pretty gross and that doesn't happen with this!

Not only is it great to get rid of that gross cereal. Sometimes when I just use soap and shave it kind of irritates it. But I noticed this lathers up nicely and makes shaving a more comfortable experience.

I like the shape of it, how it looks like deodorant but it doesn't really rub on. You have to squirt it and rub it in with your hand.

I also got the unscented because you know I felt your arm pits stink enough whether it be with deodorant or um, other reasons, and I like it. It smells soapy but clean and good!

Overall, it's a pretty cool product you don't really give arm pits much love, so you might as well give it some nice and clean love! They actually have a really funny video on their website that gives you all the deets of why you should try it and it's definitely worth a watch so check it out!

Buy It! Head on over to Clarsskin's website and purchase either unscented or scented!

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  1. wow I thought the same really.... a special soap for underarms???? But I am sold! I will not go back to regular body soap. I no longer get that itchy feeling! Because of having surgery under my one arm I need to be careful to shave and the consistency of this product is such the razor just glides and bonus is I use my razor at least three times as long. I have heard many use Clarsskin to shave their legs but have not done it myself. I had thought it was spendy but one bottle lasts me a long time and it is easy to dispense just the amount you want...you dont need much..so it is a good value. At this point even if it didnt last as long as it does...I would use it for the shaving and for the clean non-itchy feeling I get! Having it during the humid part of our summer was wonderful!!!! I have been using it for about a year or so. On their website they have the cutest video on this product got a kick out of it. I too use the unscented so I cannot tell you what the scented is like but the unscented is nice and has a slight clean scent that is gone once you rinse. I think I will give the leg shaving a try as I ride horses and well...if you have any irritation on your legs and go on a long ride it can be a misery so if it shaves as easily on my legs as it does under my arms I think they will be free of nicks and irritation. Worth a try!