Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Garden of Eating Book Review!

Hey everyone! My next review is for The Garden of Eating. This is a really cool and interesting book for you or to give to the family member that's all about health.

It's funny and coincidental that I was reading this book and "Skinny Bitch" at the same time. This book is all for eating protein that includes certain fruits, veggies, fish, and meat. They are all for meat. While Skinny Bitch is adamantly vegan, no meat not even fish and believing in getting protein from other things. As you guys know, I'm technically pescatarian so I'm the middle person. I cannot live without cheese and fish and ice cream but I can live with out most meat. So both books I found to agree and disagree with certain points but for the most part they were super informative. I enjoyed Skinny Bitch's humor but I really liked this one more.

I really liked the take on this one more, how it started with discussing natives and tribes and how they ate, how certain one's teeth were fine without dentists because they didn't eat grain which is supposedly terrible for you, which sucks. But then again there's many delicious things that are terrible for you.

I liked how this book was great for everyone. Yes some points said meat is very beneficial but it also said how veggies and fruits are too like how vegetables and fruits are more potent cancer protection if you consume enough in your daily routine. But after reading this I really want to consider going grain free for a few weeks (most likely days) because they say you feel a lot better. Of course I will probably do this in late january/february after the holiday season has passed because I do love my baked goods during this time of year.

Overall though there was so much really great information in this book, half the book too was dedicated to my favorite healthy eating tool: recipes. I am one of those crazy recipe fiends that searches for a bunch online, bookmarks so many of them, I used to print them out at work, make photocopies of magazines. I use them too! I'm not one of them that just make copies and don't do anything. So these were really awesome. There was so many delicious fish, salad, and even dessert recipes. Yummy ones like shrimp and coconut bisque which sounds incredible to yummy smoothies like the Better Balanced Blueberry Smoothie. It was so, so cool. I really enjoyed this book a lot.

Definitely check it out, it makes a great Christmas gift to a family member or to yourself if you want to start leading a healthier life, this is definitely a good guide to help you along the way!

Buy It! Head on over to The Garden of Eating's website and browse what the book is all about there, if you like what you see you can also buy it there, too!

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