Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tasc Performance Fitness Apparel Spring 2012 Collection Review!

Hey everyone! My next review is for Tasc Performance Fitness Apparel. You may remember I did a review for them in the past and you can check it out here. Well it may be still winter but spring is just around the corner, Tasc has you covered with some really awesome spring 2012 fitness apparel!

I was lucky enough to be sent these shorts and shirt in the mail!
The Coast LS Shirt in Tangerine
Annecy Compression Short in DragonFruit

First off, I love the colors. Previously, I was sent a bright mint green top to review and every time I go to the gym wearing it I get compliments on it because it's such a pretty color. Tasc just knows how to make workout clothes pop with their colors and these two are no different.

I absolutely love the top. It's bright orange, long sleeved, and even has little thumb holes on the sleeves. It's perfect for the outdoorsy sports you do in the spring like hiking and biking. I'm going hiking this weekend or next weekend and I am totally rocking this shirt. It's really flattering too, not too tight but tight enough for working out.

The shorts on the other hand I'm a bit hesistant about. They actually look a lot better on then not on. I thought they were like booty shorts but they do stretch. I'm not a huge fan of pink and it's almost a little see through, I was wearing dark underwear and you could see them when I wore these. I feel like if these shorts were black I would love them or a darker color but I just am not feeling the pink. They are pretty comfortable though! And go really well with the top. The waistband is the same orange color as the top. Pretty cool! The shorts actually probably work really well with leggings underneath them when you work out in cold conditions too and spring can be a little cold still.

I never understood why wear shorts and a long sleeve top until I moved out to California, sometimes there's days where the weather is in the middle and one part of you is hot while the other part is cold. That's what's great about this outfit. It's great for SoCal hiking or biking.

Tasc is a great company. Their products are actually made with Bamboo Performance Technology that is perfect for all seasons. Yup, actual bamboo! They're lightweight, moisture-wicking so they dry super fast even when you sweat a lot, breathable, and stretches 4 ways. They're also odor free and UPF 50+ which is perfect for an lovely, sunny day hiking. You won't have to worry about a sunburn ruining your fun. That's why I think the shirt is long sleeved to to help prevent against UV Rays.

Definitely check out Tasc! Their fitness clothes are so comfortable and great for working out in any conditions. I love them. If you're looking to crack down on working out and getting some new gear, this is the place to start!

Buy It! Head on over to Tasc Performance's website and browse their awesome selection.


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