Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hasbro's The Game of Life zAPPed Review!

Hey everyone! My next review is for Hasbro's new Game of Life zAPPed edition. This edition is really cool because it incorporates your iPad into the board game with using it as a spinner and watching hilarious America's Funniest Home Videos. Sometimes you win money from the video, sometimes you have to give the money away, either way you leave with a chuckle. It combines the fun of traditional face-to-face game play with the increased functionality of digital gaming for a brand new, innovative experience.


I actually played this with my roommate and friend and we had a blast. We just made a little game night, much like how Hasbro has Family Game Night which you can check out their Family Game Night Facebook here. It's a great way to spend time with your family having fun on rainy days or evenings instead of silently watching a movie. This is my little mini-family since my parents live on the opposite coast, so it was nice for all of us to get together and play.

I thought it was really cool way to incorporate technology and just take board games to the next level. Plus it's fun to spin instead of the dice. I used to end up losing dice in my board games from some reason. I really like the America's Funniest Videos edition just as a little break up between playing. Also AFV is a very family-oriented show and arguably past time. I used to watch the show with my family growing up so it's nice to incorporate it into a board game.

I know it may sound weird, using an iPad with a board game but it's super easy and they even gave a game guide in case you forgot how to play Life (like me). I realized that I tend to like Life more than games like Monopoly because it is a lot less competitve and more fun. Many times it is just the luck of the spin. It was really fun to play and I want to continue having more board game nights like this.

Buy It! This game retails for about $24.99 and includes the gameboard, 4 car movers, 52 pegs, money pack, 4 rubber pads, and Quick Start Guide. iPad is of course not included. Check out Hasbro's Toy Shop if you want to order it online!

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