Friday, October 5, 2012

Disney's Frankenweenie Movie Review!

Hey everyone! My next movie review is for Frankenweenie! I was super fortunate to see a preview screening of this festive Halloweenie film and I was insanely excited about it.

I mean it when I say I was insanely excited to see this movie just because I was a huge fan of the original. When I was a little kid there were two movies that I would rent on VHS from East Coast Video every chance I got: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and Frankenweenie. I don't know how I discovered the original live-action short by Tim Burton but I became obsessed with it. When I heard they were making another one to say I was nervous was an understatement.

Come to find out Tim Burton's original idea was to create a stop-motion feature film, which relieved me just because this film may have been his original plan.

I actually ended up adoring the film, it is so cute. There is much more information and back story in this one which makes sense considering instead of being a mere 30 minutes it is 87 minutes. For instance, Persephone the dog made an appearance in the original but just towards the end, in this one you meet her in the beginning and it works much better. Basically, you care more about the characters, there are bigger antagonists, and it is still a giant black and white ball of adorable-ness. Seriously.

I adore the fact that this is a little parody of Frankenstein but for children and families and people of all ages. It is such a great concept especially because aside from Hocus Pocus, there really aren't many Halloween movies designed for families and people of all ages. This is hopefully will be one of them

It also had many lines and ideas from the original in this one, even little things such as a gravestone which was exactly the same. As a diehard fan of the original I loved this. I definitely recommend watching the original before seeing this, I did right before the screening and it really put me in the mood for it.

Overall, it is a heartfelt, sweet film that practically any animal lover can relate to. Everyone has had that one connection with a pet as Vincent and Sparky share. The spooky quirks of the supporting cast like Edgar/Igor character, the Vincent Price teacher, make it a really lovely and festive Halloween film. I definitely recommend it for anyone of all ages. Perhaps not in 3D because not many things popped out, but I'm a stickler for 3D movies. The story, the characters, everything was sweet and the perfect treat for this trick-or-treat Halloweeny film!

Watch It! Frankenweenie is in theatres now! Head on over to your local theatre and see it, especially if you need a push towards the Halloween spirit!

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