Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Gaiam Fitness DVD Review!

Hey everyone! My next review is for Gaiam!. Gaiam is a great health and wellness company that has a variety of products from fitness apparel to home goods to workout DVDs. They even have a community and have videos so if you are looking for some inspiration or motivation to work out, this is a great website to get it from!

I received their Beginner Pilates workout DVD.

I have actually been wanting to do Pilates for quite some time. Mainly because I heard it is a really, really awesome workout and that's a big reason of how Miley Cyrus got more in shape. Needless to say, I had to try it.

The DVD comes with three DVDs as well as a bonus downloadable one. The first exercise is Perfect Form Pilates, it is only ten minutes long and mainly just there as a guide to show you how to do certain pilates move. It is a great idea to use as a guide so you can do the moves by yourself. The next two exercises are both a half an hour long. The first one is Pilates Primer, basically an entire pilates lesson incorporating breathing right and lengthening. Many of the movies from Perfect Form Pilates are incorporated but with more reps. Next the Strengthening and Lengthen one is similar to Pilates Primer but it adds more resistance.

Personally I liked doing all of the exercises at once. Mainly because I prefer working out longer than a half an hour. I kind of wished some of the exercise routines had more reps, too. Some of them only had like five or ten and then she would perform like "teasers" which she only worked on a lot. I understand it is a beginner workout and it was really great, but I am just the type of person that wants more and more intensity.

It did give you a great burn though. Plus, it is great to do one of them after a workout or before to stretch and warm up you muscles. I definitely want to incorporate pilates more into my general workouts. It was pretty awesome.

Overall, I was pretty impressed with Pilates, I liked it a lot more than yoga that is for sure. I definitely recommend it if you are just starting out working out or if you want to switch it up a bit. It's definitely worth it to always add something else to your workout routine and this is definitely a great something else!

Buy It! Head on over to Gaiam's website and browse their awesome selection!

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