Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Check out this Mulled Wine Recipe!

Hey guys with the holidays and Christmas coming up it also calls for some great festive drinks like Mulled Wine. Mulled wine is a delicious drink that combines warm red wine, spices, and orange zest, it's delicious and perfect for the cold weather. I noticed that it is more of a English or European thing but it is great and delicious for everyone!

The website says: "Essential for bonfires, Guy Fawkes, Halloween and Christmas, mulled wine is a great way to brighten the dark evenings of autumn and winter. Adam Gray's mulled wine recipe includes the expected festive spices and orange zest, but cleverly adds a dash of sweet peach schnapps. For a special occasion you’ll want some stylish heatproof glasses or elegant mugs to serve this easily-made cup of cheer."

Adam Gray has been a chef since he was fourteen and he actually created the perfect recipe for Mulled wine which is great for the Christmas season. It is incredibly easy to follow.

Check out Adam Gray and the recipe. It's definitely the perfect adult cocktail for Christmas. I love it, even if you're not into wine, I'm not a huge wine fan but mulled wine is just so delicious. The spices and citrus from the zest really compliment the wine well, and it warms you up during this cold winter weather. Check out the recipe!

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