Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Campbell's Go Soup Review!

Hey everyone! My next review is for Campbell's new Go Soup. This soup is super easy to use and actually come in baggies not a can. You can travel with it and open it so easily. But they're not your average flavors, no way, they're pretty fancy! I received this opportunity thanks to BzzAgent.

I received their Moroccan Style Chicken with Chickpeas.

I am actually a pescatarian so I was unable to eat this soup, but I handed it off to my roommate who tried it for me. She was actually sick and needed soup so voila! Perfect time to have it!

It's a really great flavor with such a nice kick to it. Filled with yummy chunks of chicken and chickpeas. It's a great hearty soup to warm you up on a cold winter night. It is a little spicy but a lotta delicious.

As their Bzzkit says: "By mixing savory flavor inspiration from global cuisines, Campbell's Go soups gives you the taste of take out in minutes. Just tear into a pouch, heat and eat!"

I know it's a little odd for a soup to come in a pouch, but it is so incredibly easy to make and it's from Campbell's so you know it's going to live up to its name for deliciousness. It claims it's a good as take out and my roommate disagrees, she feels like it tastes even better. It's made with spicy chicken, whole chick peas, and vine ripe tomatoes. Yum!

Overall, I...or well...my roommate was super surprised and happy with Campbell's Go soup. It was super yummy and at only $2.99 a pouch, it's pretty much a bargain!

Buy It! Head on over to Campbell's website and see where you can buy them near you!

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