Friday, March 22, 2013

Shabby Apple Giveaway!

Hey everyone! My next giveaway is for Shabby Apple.

As their website says: "Are you looking for summer dresses, or perhaps the perfect white dress? Maybe it’s a pencil skirt you’re looking for? Well, look no further. We have a fantastic selection for you to choose from. We have white dresses, long dresses, pink dresses, and even some elegant dresses for that special night out. Or maybe you’re looking for something more specific, like silk, or vintage? Whatever you’re looking for, there’s a good chance we have something you will love. We have all kinds of colors, fabrics, and lengths. And we cater to all sizes whether you’re looking for something plus size or trying to find a petite dress."

They have a great variety of such cute, fashionable, and girly dresses and skirts. They are so unique, almost vintage looking and you definitely can't find them anywhere else. Plus they aren't too frumpy or sleezy but nice and wonderful modest clothing. Perfect for the spring season coming up! As well as great tops and accessories, too! They even have some swim wear, which is awesome to browse before you head on off to Spring Break or before the summertime!

Overall, if you are a girl you will love this site and probably find yourself lost for hours on it at all the variety. Definitely check them out! You won't be disappointed!

Buy It! Head on over to Shabby Apple's website and browse their great selection!

Win It! ONE winner will win a $15 gift certificate to Shabby Apple!

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  1. dresses are so cute! i love the mint tea dress!

  2. I'd like it so I can get the santa monica dress!

  3. they have such cute summer dresses

  4. Thats blue polka dot swim suit is AMAZING && will hide my stretch marks from my son..... I LOVE IT, I WANT IT, I NEED IT...lol

  5. I'd love the gift card so I can afford something from Shabby Apple! Haha
    Thanks for the chance!
    mjp_0419 at yahoo dot com

  6. I'd love a $15 gift card to Shabby Apple because they have the most flattering and lovely dresses!

  7. i really like the balboa top. i love the print and longer sleeves.

  8. To buy something just for me :)

  9. I'm pregnant with my second right now and after my first, I got a shabby apple dress and it felt so good to have a beautiful dress that I could fit in and feel pretty in. I would love to do that again after this baby and a giftcard would help a lot!