Sunday, July 28, 2013

Revolt Fitness Week 3! (Not really.)

Hey everyone…well this subject states Revolt Week 3 but…honestly I did not complete it. I am failing majorly but it's super difficult sticking to a workout regime during the summertime there is so much going on!

My mom ended up staying another week. We are on the way to Vegas as I type this so…that's how that's been going. I plan to give week 3 a re-do next week and go hard.

Does this ever happen to you guys? I feel like we work hard at the gym and eating right all year but then vacation rolls around and all healthy eating and working out goes out the window. Well, I mean you do walk a lot and go swimming on vacation so…that counts as working out right?

I wrote a post similar to this on my other blog here. But basically I fail at vacations. I eat my weight in ice cream and never hesitate ordering desserts or drinks. It's an issue.

But I mean nobody is perfect right? If you don't want to be a lame vacation slacker like me, check out Revolt. I swear I plan on diving face first into week 3 on Wednesday....so it'll be Wednesday to Wednesday for me. It'll work!

Start It! Head on over to Revolt Now Fitness's website and check out the program!

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