Saturday, July 20, 2013

Revolt Now Fitness Week 2ish!

Well, my 2nd week of Revolt was terrible, honestly shouldn't even count as a week but a matter of a few days. My mom came to visit on Wednesday, she's still here and well...we've been eating out practically every day for every meal. I worked out Monday to Wednesday though! The lower body workout was killer, I loved it.

The 2nd week is where you can incorporate other foods and not stick to the regimen as much as the first week detox. I found this helpful because, like I said previously, I am vegetarian and the lunch and meal involves meat so I improvised. I mainly had a tofu salad for lunch and fish or a veggie burger for dinner. I wasn't a huge fan of the protein shake either just because water and protein powder just always grosses me out.

I did love the breakfast again, but I'm a big breakfast person and pretty easy to please when it comes to breakfast. This one was super simple to make.

Greek yogurt, strawberries, blueberries, oats, and cinnamon. It was supposed to have peaches and styled more like a parfait buttt I didn't have any peaches and I just scooped it all into a bowl, mashed it all together and ate it alll up. Super yummy and a great way to start the day. I usually do start the day off with some greek yogurt so this wasn't much different from my normal routine, though I did enjoy the cinnamon addition to add some sweetness to it.

The workouts this week were great, I really love that it basically gives me an excuse to try the weights and that section of the gym that I wouldn't normally. Even after this month is up I definitely plan on incorporating these exercises just into my normal routine.

I was starting to see a change until I started consuming everything delicious because of my mom visiting. It a bit annoying but, such is life. All the change and result I began to see are fading away because basically whenever someone comes to visit it gives me an excuse to indulge...insanely. And we are going to Disney this Monday and Tuesday sooo yeah, haha. I need to stick to this more! I think my revolt might just overflow insanely into August. Or I'll just keep working on it. Next Wednesday though I'm going hard! I'm pretty excited to see what Week 3 has in store!

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