Saturday, September 28, 2013

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Movie Review!

Hey everyone, hope you all are having a great weekend! Some great movies are out this weekend and I hope you get a chance to see some. One great one is Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. I was sent the first Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs to review thanks to Connect Your Home and I loved it.

Nowadays with so many animated movies there's a bunch that just aren't great, they're made for kids and strictly for them. Then you get those rare movies like Toy Story, Shrek, I even really liked Over the Hedge that are just laugh out loud funny for everyone. The same goes for Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. This movie is great!

The movie tells the story of Flint Lockwood who is a quirky inventor that always tries really hard to impress everyone but something always goes wrong. Even his father wants him to quit inventing and start working at the bait shop. That is until he invents the FLDSMDFR which is a machine that makes food out of thin air. He hooks it up to a powder plant but it shoots up into the air and ruins the unveiling of their tourist attraction "Sardine Land" (Swallow Falls is known for their sardines). This turns out to be a good thing though because it starts raining delicious food and everyone loves it. A special weather reporter named Sam Sparks is sent down to report on the next type of food falling from the sky. From cheeseburgers to steak everything is great. That is until the food starts getting bigger and bigger and BIGGER. That's where things get crazy! But you'll have to check it out for yourself to see what happens!

I really liked the humor of this movie. There's one scene where Flint's dad has to email him a file from Flint's computer and it's this epic journey just to get the dad to email it. It's hilarious! That's because it would be an epic, difficult journey for my parents to do something like that too. They are the polar opposite of tech savvy. There's so many little jokes too that are hilarious and the foreshadowing of the giant food to come when they're eating steak is pretty great, too.

The characters are really great. The father who really doesn't know how to emote properly and tell his son that he's proud of him played by James Caan is great. Mr. T plays the cop Earl Devereaux who's hilarious. But the true star is Flint, voiced by Bill Hader, who's so funny, quirky and an overall lovable character. There's a monkey named Steve who has a thought translator on too and his soo funny, all he says are one word thoughts like "yellow!" "Steve!" which is probably what monkeys are thinking, and it's great.

Overall, this is a really fun and lighthearted comedy for everyone. I definitely look forward to seeing the sequel in theatres. Check out the trailer here:

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