Sunday, October 13, 2013

MicroTouch ONE Razor Review!

It's always cool finding new great products. MicroSoft ONE Razor is one of them. This razor is the modern version of a timeless classic safety razor.

This razor is made of solid brass and chrome, plated to a beautiful, polished shine. The ONE feels fabulous in your hand, most important, glides smoothly across your skin for the best shave of your life. The ONE's "butterfly" opening allows you to easily and safely clean the blade, rinsing it free of shaving cream and hair after each shave. Also the blade lasts longer so it saves you money, too.

This razor is super easy to use and replace the blades. All you do is twist the butterfly opening, take the blade out and boom. You can rinse them really easily so no hairs get stuck in between them. Plus the blades are bigger and last longer than the three or four small blades in razors nowadays.

The razor also comes with an awesome hardshell travel case with a mirror built in and twelve extra blades.

Another great thing about these is that they'll last a longer than those extra blades ones, too because it's made with great quality. It is pretty gentle too as long as you put on some shaving cream or something. It's not just great for men's faces but I used it on my legs and under arms and it worked so fine.

I really liked it. It's very old fashioned, it's good and why ruin a good thing? Plus it's really great to just have to replace the razor blades, they are fairly easy to get and pretty reasonably priced. Plus the travel case is really great and sturdy, you don't have to worry about it cutting anything. The razor blades come in these white cases that really easy to pack.

Overally, at only $19.99 I think the razor is definitely worth it whether you're a man or a woman. Definitely check it out! You won't be disappointed!

Buy It! Head on over to MicroTouch ONE Razor's website and pick one up for yourself!


  1. You (and your readers!) should be aware that while the advertised price is $20, the actual price with shipping and handling (plus the “free” blades that have an additional S&H) bring it up to over $30. Don't get me wrong, it’s not a bad razor but there are better values out there. And shaving with an old-school safety razor like this is not like shaving with a modern cartridge razor! You may have to unlearn some habits and learn the (simple) skill of shaving this way (there’s going to be a bit of a learning curve). I have a video about this razor and how to use it that might be useful to you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ajsjk17_qGs

  2. Well I have to admit, I like the look of my safety razor better than this one, but that case it comes with is pretty ballin'.

    Fred | TheWrightStache.com

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