Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ozeri 4x Runner Digital Pedometer Review!

I try to lead an active or at least a semi-active life especially because I work at an office job where I sit eight hours of the day. I like to go to the gym at least three times a week and run on the weekends when I get a free moment. I like keeping track of those runs especially but the only tracking device I have is on my phone and using your mobile date all the time can be dangerous money-wise. So, I was very excited when I received the opportunity to review Ozeri's 4x Runner Digital Pedometer. Now I can keep track of my run without killing my phone's battery and data, yay!

The pedometer works for both walking and running which I think is awesome. I also liked to wear it during a normal day just to see how many steps I take. For instance, in the hour and a half that I have been at work so far I took 575 steps...whaaaaaat?! I noticed though that it shows only groups of five or ten because I tried to walk around in circles to see each step being recorded but instead it went from 530 to 540 after taking ten steps. So I kind of wish it didn't do that but it makes me kind of question the accuracy.

But, not only does it record your steps but also steps to your goal amount, fat burned, exercise time, calories, distance, and speed. Basically pretty much everything you were curious about or like to track when you are walking or running, it is pretty great.

It is small enough too where you can fit it in your pocket or clip it onto your pants without it being bothersome or too noticeable. It also has a 30 day memory so you can track your steps and distance of the month. It actually shows day by day how many steps you have taken when you click the "memo" button. It can count up to one million steps. It also automatically goes to sleep when there is no movement.

The pedometer is simple to set up, too. All you do is follow the easy to read instructions it comes with. You input the date, time, your goals, your weight, etc. To switch to jogging you press and hold the jog button, to clear your hold the clear button, and to reset completely you press the white reset button in back with a pen or something similar.

This pedometer is great to keep track of how many steps you have taken per day as well as keeping track of how far you have run. Fun fact, according to About.com a study was taken to see the amount of steps an average American takes per day and men take 7192 while women take 5210. Interesting, right? The average mile is about 2000 steps, so I want to try and walk at least the male average (because why not?) and then some. Just so I won't let the sedentary office life win over me especially on the days when I can't make the gym.

Overall, I really like this pedometer and do plan on using it more often, in fact daily. Definitely check it out, you won't be disappointed!

Buy It! Head on over to Ozeri's website and browse the selection but you can also buy them off of Amazon.com, too! Also be sure to like them on Facebook!

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