Monday, March 17, 2014

Audiovox 7" Tablet Review!

In a largely Apple dominated world I still try to stick to being an Android user. I do have a Mac computer and an iPad but my phone is an Android. So when I received the opportunity to review an Android tablet from Audiovox I jumped at the chance.

I know I said I had an iPad and it is great, I love it, but it is large. This tablet is great for travel and just carrying around anywhere. Coming in at seven inches it is perfect to fit in any handbag or carry-on. It reminds me of a bigger phone but with no 4G which, honestly, still works for me. I wouldn't pay for a 4G anyway because I think having it on your phone is enough.

It is extremely easy to use. Much like Android phones, you download apps via the Google play store. It also comes with a camera which you can take photos on both sides of the tablet, making it perfect for Skyping and selfies.

You can connect the tablet to any WiFi service very easily, very similar to a phone it searches for the closest ones in the area, you input the password or just connect freely and bam. Another very cool option it has is an HDMI input so you can connect it to your television. This is perfect if you stream Netflix, Hulu, or just want to watch YouTube videos on your television. Now you can stream via your tablet and still have your computer free to do other work.

What is great about android tablets versus ipads is how easily accessible they are. This one in particular has a place where you can plug a USB chord into it so you can connect it to your computer to transfer files to it, as well as stream content from there. There is also a mini SD card input where you can put the mini SD card from your phone or from your big SD card (sometimes SD cards have little SD cards inside of them) so you can insert photos or files onto your tablet that way, too. You can cater it to fit your needs instead of catering it to fir your needs but under Apple's control and all-seeing eye.

I felt it was extremely easy to use but I also am an Android phone user and it is essentially a bigger phone without the phone aspect. Though, I am pretty sure even if you aren't an Android phone user it is pretty easy to use, too. Honestly it is so easy that I plan on making it the family tablet. I know my parents have been really into trying out a tablet recently just to play with while watching television and skyping with. I feel like this tablet would be perfect for them. It is user friendly and also way easier than turning on and doing everything on the desktop.

The battery also lasts quite a long time, I've been using it for several days and it's only on 70%. Also it comes with a one year warranty.

Overall, I really did love this tablet. Like I said, it is perfect for travel and a great go-to tablet. Definitely check it out you won't be disappointed!

Buy It! Head on over to Audiovox's website and browse their awesome selection!


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