Wednesday, March 19, 2014

RedStar Sunglasses Review and Giveaway!

Well we must of us have had a difficult winter but spring is less than a week away! The sun and warm weather are finally starting to show their faces again, too. You might as well start protecting your face or eyes at least with RedStar's sunglasses.

RedStar has a great selection of high quality sunglasses. They have polarized, sports, and fashion for both men and women. Their polarized lenses are anti-fog and have an eight layer hard finish that achieves near perfect visual acuity. The lens also feature superior scratch resistance and 100% UV protection. The polycarbonate lenses are also anti-fog, scratch resistance, and have 100% UV protection, but they also have a 6-7-8 optical center base that achieves distortion-free depth perception.

I received these fashion sunglasses because I am a girl and pick fashion over polarized. They do have 100% UV protection too though.

They are like wayfarer-style by a little thicker and with metal arms. I am a big fan of the turtle color style over solids like blacks or browns because it looks nice with my hair and anything kind of animal print count me in because I am a Jersey girl. I also thought the choice of the rose gold colored metal over just gold or black made them look nicer and more unique.

One little thing that bugged me was I just wish they had people modeling the sunglasses instead of just pictures of them on the website. I wasn't expecting these sunglasses to be as thick because you can't really tell from the photos. I was just expecting them to be regular wayfarer-sized. While I didn't mind and it worked out it could have went the opposite way for me and others, too, you know? Sunglasses and just glasses in general are those certain things that I prefer seeing on before I purchase them.

I also liked the case, it's hard but not huge so it can fit easily in a your purse or bag.

Overall, I did like these sunglasses and I'm pretty excited to bust them out for the summertime. Definitely check out their huge selection! You won't be disappointed!

Buy It! Head on over to RedStar's website and see what they have!

Win It! ONE winner will receive a $500 GIFT CARD CODE to RedStar, yes $500!

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  1. I need a new pair of sunglasses for the summer and they have some cute styles that I like.

  2. I would love to win so I can get myself some great looking sunglasses!

  3. I need a new pair of stylish sunglasses. I love your style by the way. I think I'd pick the ones you have.

  4. I follow you via gfc as tarachristinee & I am on your RSS FEED as lukens_tara@yahoo.com aka MY YAHOO!

  5. Because I left my only sunglasses in my hotel a week ago :(

  6. I should win because I need a new pair of sunnies for spring


  7. Right now I'm rockin' a cool pair of deollar store sunglasses and need a decent pair. Thanks.

  8. I'm always loosing my sunglasses ... I do need some new ones!