Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Loot Crate March Review!

It's every geek and gamer's favorite time of the month: Loot Crate time! In case you are new first off: welcome! Second off, let me explain, Loot Crate is an excellent monthly subscription service that sends you a box of geek and gamer related goodies each month and it is pretty excellent.

This month's Loot Crate theme? Attack on Titan.

I received:
- An exclusive Titanfall t-shirt
- An Attack on Titan Manga: 1 Book
- Titanfall C101 Lanyard
- Attack on Titan Scouting Regiment Wristband
- Attack on Titanfall Magnet
- Access to the Titanfall Premium Strategy eGuide
- St. Patrick's Day Candy!
Well, my favorite part of this box was the candy. I, unfortunately, have not hopped onto the Attack on Titan bandwagon so I have no interest in any of the cooler items. They do look pretty great though and I plan on re-gifting it to someone that loves Attack on Titan. Let's go through everything though because the products are pretty neat.

The shirt is a really great quality. Thing is this one is a women's cut so it is tight and I am not a big fan of those kind, I prefer unisex or guy's shirts because I like the loose, baggy fit more. It is a nice black tee though and if you're a guy you do get a men's one.

The manga was really interesting. I have never seen one before but it is basically a comic book or graphic novel and you open it backwards. This manga began the entire crazy fandom, it came before the show, so it's great for diehards fans just to see how it all began.

The lanyard and wristband are great little accessories. You could even use the lanyard if you're not a fan but just need something for your keys because I almost did that til I found my old lanyard. The magnet is also great for your fridge or school locker. I didn't check out the eGuide but from the preview in the pamphlet it looked to be very informative and interesting.

Overall, while this definitely was not my type of Loot Crate it still is such a great company. The whole fun in subscribing to monthly boxes is the element of surprise, you never know what is in store each month. Sometimes they are complete wins and you love them and sometimes they aren't. There are just so many fandoms out there Loot Crate tries to cover them all to make everyone happy. From Star Wars to Bravest Warrior they cater to everyone and so far they have got it down!

Buy It! Head on over to Loot Crate's website. They're less than $20 per month!

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