Friday, March 7, 2014

Madison Street Beauty Review!

When putting on makeup my favorite thing to put on is the eye makeup. Just because you can have fun playing with it and experimenting with what different colors go with what. Not going to lie though, I am not the best makeup artist, I'm not even that good so most of the time I end up mushing all the colors together. But there are sometimes when the experiments do work and my eyes look bomb, that makes all the mixing and playing worth it. That's why I was really excited to try out Madison Street Beauty's mineral eye shadow.

The colors I received are:
- Amethyst
- French Lavender
- Plum
- Celestial Silver
- Silver Star
- Rose Gold
- Hyacinth

These colors are so lovely. The color pay off for all of them is really great. The day I received them I actually put on the Silver Star, Celestial Silver, and Rose Gold and it looked really nice. They worked well together, specifically the two silvers. They are a great combo to wear when you want to wear eye shadow but not a bright color. Like if you want to wear a more colorful lip and a less colorful eye, these two are great. You can also rock a smokey eye with both of them, too.

Some of the colors I was a bit surprised by how bright and colorful they were, especially Amethyst, it is a super bright purple color and I was not really expecting that. It is one of those colors where a little goes a long way because if you put too much one you'll run the risk of drag queen'ing it up. The same goes for French Lavender, it is a light purple but bright and very heavy pigments. Both these had great pigment and were very opaque but still had a nice shimmer to them, too. This actually goes for Silver Star and Celestial Silver, too. Color pay offs are great but remember a little does go a long way.

The plum one you can't really tell from the swatch I took but it is actually more matte than the others. It has some sparkle but not as much as the others. It is a really wonderful dark purple color. It is perfect to use for your dark eye shadow part. I have hazel eyes so I actually prefer using dark purples because it kind of brings out my eye color more. I think this one might have been my favorite just because I really loved the color.

The last two, Hyacinth and Rose Gold, are lighter and mostly shimmer colors. They are not opaque and there isn't a huge amount of pigment. Though, they are great to put on top of base colors to give them more color and shimmer. I used the Rose Gold on top of the Silver Star to kind of lighten up the color and it worked really well. They're also great kind of crease colors.

One bummer with these mineral eye shadows, like all mineral eye shadows, once you open them you can't jumble them around because powder will be everywhere. I try to reuse the sticker that covers up the holes but that doesn't last long. So try to not keep them in your makeup bag that you move around constantly but rather on a shelf or something. Also, I found a trick to apply the mineral eye shadow so it doesn't shed all over your face. Try wetting your brush and then dab it into the mineral eye shadow and bam! Shed free - way to be!

Madison Street Beauty is a great company with a variety of makeup and one of the best parts? They are all natural. They contain all natural, vegan ingredients and are dedicated to conservation. They don't see the point of using fancy, excessive packaging because it is wasteful and unnecessary. They pride themselves on being a favorite online indie beauty company who offers great products that don't harm you or the environment.

Overall, I really did love these eye shadows. They stayed put on your face for hours and look lovely. Also you really can't go wrong for only $2 (they're on sale, originally $4.99). Definitely check them out, but be careful because you make zone out for a few hours on their website debating on what colors to choose.

Buy It! Head on over to Madison Street Beauty's website and browse their great selection!

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